Finca Pura Vida
Ecological Heirlooms
Finca Pura Vida is an ecological farm with the mission of balancing the eco system by
making the insects and soil a priority. We are not "Organic" but beyond Organic.
"Organic" standards are low compared to what we do.

We are healing the world through agriculture being consumed by people. We only grow
heirlooms and all of our animals are heritage.

Edgar feeds the soil weekly with earth worm castings, Ladybug fertilizer, magnesium
sulfate, potassium sulfate, Rabbit Hill Minerals, Sea Minerals, fish emulation and black
strap molasses always making sure he gives back more than he takes.

We only use Hydrogen peroxide to combat mildew problems. We never use products that
kill beneficial insects. We grow many products to feed the insects and leave these for the
We are the only farm in Texas producing the quality of heirloom vegetables, eggs, beef
and pork and have the best prices, especially when you see, feel and taste the quality.
Our products are higher in nutrition than any other organic products found in the grocery
store. Fresh, local and conscientious.
Listen to an interview with Gayla and
the Home Grown Radio show.