Finca Pura Vida
Ecological Heirlooms
Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct
connection to your farmer.  In support of clean locally
produced food we develop a relationship with our
community and our land.  We create a unique opportunity
for families to receive a weekly share of seasonal
produce harvested fresh from our farm.  We share a
commitment with our members and hope for a bountiful
harvest worth celebrating.

Our CSA is for those committed members who pre-pay
for a weekly supply of produce.  This helps cover our
cost for seed, organic fertilizers, equipment, labor, etc.  
We plan and work the garden to provide the members
with an equal share of seasonal produce.  The share of
produce is available for pick-up 40 weeks a year.  Our
members generally love fresh vegetables, and love
trying new things.  Most of what we grow is unique, and
not available from the grocery store.

You will receive at least 6 and max 12 different
vegetables, fruit and herbs each week during the
growing seasons. Our farm grows over 100 varieties
with a focus on unique heirloom vegetables. Every
family is different, but it will supplement your grocery
store purchases, bringing up to the gourmet level, and
provides more than enough food for a couple or an
average family of four (but most of our members are not
average families).  Our purpose is to provide the
freshest most nutritious and tastiest produce harvested
within 12 hours of delivery.  View the
Vegetables Chart
to have a better idea of what is seasonally available.

The option to add to your CSA share beyond organic
eggs, Finca Pura Vida heirloom shade grown organic
coffee and other selected artisanal foods from local

Please let us know so that we can provide more food for our other
members, or we recommend that you find someone who is able to take
your share.  The garden still grows and we still need to harvest.  If you so
choose, any shares not picked-up will be donated in your name.

Members commit for a year and pay $1,200- $1,410 for the year, depending
upon the pick up site for a 40 week share, half shares(bi-weekly) are
available as well as half year shares(2 seasons). Payments are made one
month before shares begin, this depends on your start date. More details
available on our
CSA Membership Form.  Some months there may be a
few weeks with no delivery (August and February ).  Our goal is to deliver
40 weeks per year, and your commitment makes this work possible.  If you
join after January or in the fall, your fee will be different according to the
time of year.  View the
Vegetables Chart to better understand seasonal