Finca Pura Vida
Ecological Heirlooms
We have Rhode Island Red chickens, Phoenix chickens, Blue Slate turkeys, Geese, Jersey Cows
for milk, Simmental and white and black and red angus cows for beef and pigs

We raise our animals on pasture. Our pigs and cows eat grass, blackstrap molasses and
Redmond's conditioner and Redmond's Salt lake clay. We do not use grain, antibiotics, hormones
or any other pharmaceuticals. Our animals and crops are rotated. After we harvest the broccoli
we put the cows in to eat the plants, the same with the tomatoes and every thing else.

Our Chickens(
Rhode Island Red and Phoenix) , Turkeys and geese are raise on pasture, oyster
shell, whole blue corn and whole wheat. They are free to roam 28 acres of pastured land that
they share with the pigs and cows.
We have eggs shares available for CSA and farmers market pick up. $6 dozen
Our Turkeys are Blue Slates, a very smart bird domesticated by the Mayan Indians. Reserve your
Thanksgiving Turkey today to insure you have the best available. They are from 13 pounds to 18
pounds. $4 pound
Our pigs are raised on pasture, Redmond's salt and minerals and blue corn. You can buy your pork on line for farmers
market or CSA pick up.