Finca Pura Vida
Ecological Heirlooms

We raise our Yorkshire terriers Beyond Organic. They are healthier with every generation. We only breed
perfect animals. They eat clean fresh nutrient rich food from our farm. They are never caged. They are smarter
than your average yorkies for the diets, living style superior breeding standards that we use.

Lasito is  son of  Trinidad and Osito. Born on April 4, 2011. He is tiny, he is about 3.5 pounds. He is very
lively and always busy. A beautiful and sweet male. He is $900 and perfect for breeding. He is blue and

Coqueta was born August 15, 2010, she is daughter to Trinidad and Osito. She is sweet and a little shy at
first. She is very bold and great for breeding. She has a very unique color and she is perfect.

Florsita was born to Sarah and Osito on July 27, 2011. She is a small girl with a doll face. She is and
will remain perfect. $800
Gaylita is almost three years old. She is perfect and we wanted to breed her. She refuses to cooperate.
She is now for sell. She is so sweet and not afraid of anything. She is a steal at $500.

Sarah has given us some very cute puppies. We are planing a move and would like to find her a home
here in Texas. She is very sweet and would love to be some ones lap dog. She is three years old.

New Arrivals

Sarah and Lasito had two puppy's on February 15, 2012.  A chubby boy and girl. They will be very small
though very fat right now.

Fayetteville, Texas 78940
Canela and Juanes
Lily and Juanes
For Sale $400
Jesus Nino